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Women's Clothes for Traveling

Why do these pages about fashion exist?
This information was written specifically for how to dress while traveling in the more restricted Muslim countries, but it could be used as a guide to almost any Muslim country. You must dress modestly. (There are some places where you would not be allowed out in public even in these restricted outfits. In that case you will just have to purchase the acceptable clothes and head coverings.)
Of course, if you are just going to go as a tourist and want to spend all of your time in
touristy kinds of spots, you can ignore all of this information. Tourist places are freer than most of the off the beaten track kind of places. The workers at the tourist places are not as interested in you as they are in taking your money.
Muslims expect good women to be modest in their dress and in their behavior. We all have heard about "dressing for success". Therefore first impressions count. If you like to be yelled at on the street or whistled at then you can also ignore these pages.

The word "Modest" in the Muslim world means that your body should be loosely covered. This includes your elbows and well below your knees.
Tops should be long and loose. But when you are thinking of covering you also have to consider that you cannot have anything that is too tight or too see-through.
There is one other Little Problem. It will probably be very Hot where you are going. So think cotton with some polyester for easy cleaning.

Now that I have said that, you are probably thinking:
What can I possibly wear?
Here are some examples of what you can and cannot wear to look modest to an Arab:

Tops, Skirts and Dresses
Pants and Tops
Scarves (Head Coverings)